The Rosary Hour Ministries is media-oriented tool of evangelization in a globally oriented world.
Its purpose, since founded in 1932 by Fr. Justin Figas, a franciscan, is to bring the message of Christ
to the people of Polonia in the Eastern United States and to the large cities of the USA and Canada, and
to aid them in carrying out this message in their own lives and develop a consciousness to aid their fellow travelers
in order to attain their own good and the good of society. Through the medium of the radio and the internet,
it strives to build a spirituality which gives meaning to life in accord with the teachings of Christ.

It accomplishes this purpose with an outreach which includes:

- a weekly radio program with a talk via radio stations in the USA and Canada.

- a web page which furthers communication via a question and answer forum, the ability to download
its radio talks for reading from the internet or print them out on personal computers.

- aid to the Franciscan Province in the Eastern United States to fullfill its mission
in Franciscan Parochial ministry, education, chaplaincies in universities, hospitals, centers for inner city youth,
and the armed forces.